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Where is multilingual content marketing headed in 2019?

Posted by Anna Segerpalm on 15/01/19 06:04

Content marketing is constantly evolving, and in 2019 it will become increasingly vital that you can scale your content marketing and ensure potential buyers find it. One way of doing this is to leverage your content in new target markets. In November 2018, AAC Global hosted an event for marketers in Kista, Sweden on “Multilingual Content Marketing 2019”, where three fantastic speakers addressed the topic.

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Five experts answer the big questions about translation technology

Posted by AAC Global news on 21/12/18 06:02

We asked five questions surrounding the big issues in translation technology from five keynote speakers and contributors at this year's Kites symposium. 

The Kites Association is a cluster of Finnish companies working in the fields of multilingual communication and language technology.  Their annual symposium brings together the leading translation and localization companies in Finland, along with customers, guest speakers, stakeholders and influencers from both the public and private sectors.

For those of us inside the language service provider (LSP) industry, it is awash with buzz words at the moment: from neural machine translation to automatic translation, and from eTranslation to big data and open data.

How will these technologies develop, and what will that mean for the translation and localization services that LSPs offer to translation and localization clients?

Watch the videos below to find out how they answered.

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Topics: Translation services, Machine translation, Future technology, Communication

Consolidating operational excellence: AAC Global and Arancho Doc are combining operations

Posted by AAC Global news on 28/11/18 11:01

We recently joined the Technicis Group, the leading language service provider in Europe. Read the press release here.

As the first step in our journey as part of Technicis group towards becoming one of the largest language service providers globally, AAC Global will combine operations with Arancho Doc, another Technicis Group company with Nordic operations. Together, we will form the Technicis Group’s Northern Europe division and continue to serve our customers with an even wider range of expertise and international know-how supporting us.

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A global leap for AAC: Technicis Group acquires AAC Global

Posted by AAC Global news on 24/10/18 15:00

The Technicis Group, the professional translation specialist, pursues its external growth strategy by expanding into Northern Europe with the acquisition of AAC Global.

Boulogne-Billancourt, 24 October 2018 - The Technicis Group – the number one professional translation agency in Europe – is announcing a new acquisition today, which will reinforce the Group’s presence in the Scandinavian region. This acquisition, the fourth in 2018, reflects Technicis’ pursuit of their 2012 development strategy, with the goal of becoming one of the top five translation agencies worldwide by 2020.

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Customer insight: Scenario-based elearning at Kemira

Posted by AAC Global news on 16/10/18 06:03

Kemira is a chemical industry group that consists of three main segments: pulp & paper, municipal & industrial, and oil & mining

With their code of conduct, Kemira wanted to both engage their employees and also maximize the learning outcome by enabling their employees to understand the connection between the principles of the code and their work within the company.

We developed an eLearning course in conjunction with Kemira that uses scenarios to achieve both those aims.


“We wanted to make an eLearning course that would be fresh and different from our previous version, covering real-life scenarios for ethical decision-making.”

Director, Ethics & Compliance, Kemira

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Topics: elearning, Learning services, Digital learning, pedagogy

How to get marketing content translated

Posted by Annaelisa Huhtala on 11/10/18 06:02

In our earlier blog post, we looked at how multilingual SEO helps ensure that your customers can actually find your content once it has been translated.

Here, we will go a step further with our language versions by looking at the unique demands that come with getting a great translation of your marketing content.

Marketers spend a lot of time creating and refining their content so that it hits the mark with their desired target audience, because personalized content performs better. That makes translating marketing content different from all other translations.

Here is a list of things that you need to consider when ordering a translation of your marketing text.

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Topics: Creative translation, Transcreation, language versions, Multilingual content marketing

Case example: using elearning in organizational change

Posted by Glennon Kiernan-Lahti on 29/09/18 06:01

 In our previous blog on eLearning, we looked at a very common case example for eLearning: internal competence development.

This time, we will continue to explore the versatility of eLearning by looking at how it can be applied to organization-wide learning from the perspective of the needs of management.

Imagine a scenario where a company needs to implement change across its organization.

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Topics: Learning content, E-learning, Digital learning, pedagogy

Modern multilingual SEO

Posted by Annaelisa Huhtala on 14/09/18 06:02

In our earlier blog we showed you how to determine the minimum amount of content that you would need in order to successfully market in a language version.

Now that you know that, this blogs looks at the question of how you can ensure that your customers actually find your language version content. And the answer to that is modern multilingual SEO (search engine optimization).

Let’s look at this from two perspectives: 1) multilingual SEO and 2) modern SEO

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Topics: Multilingual SEO, Translation services, Multilingual content marketing, language versions

Case example: eLearning for internal competence development

Posted by Glennon Kiernan-Lahti on 04/09/18 06:02

In our previous blog on eLearning, we looked at how rich content creates better learning outcomes, especially when it’s interactive and gamified.

This time, we’re going to see how versatile eLearning is and how it can be customized for different learners and learning objectives by looking at a very common use-case example for eLearning: internal competence development.

Let’s start with the basic requirements for our eLearning course.

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Topics: Learning content, E-learning, Digital learning, Competence development

How much content do you need to do marketing in another language?

Posted by Annaelisa Huhtala on 30/08/18 06:02

In an earlier blog, I showed you how adding another language version to your marketing routine always starts with strategic considerations: target groups, choosing language by highest reach, and setting realistic performance KPIs.

Now, I’ll show you how to determine the minimum amount of content that you will need in order to successfully do marketing in a language version.

In essence, to do marketing successfully in another language, you need to identify all parts of your marketing funnel that cover the journey from visitor, through marketing-qualified lead, to an actual solid sales case.

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