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A Personal Language Trainer will save your life

A need for personal service is not a sign of elitist character, but a natural phenomenon in a service society. Personal trainers have already proved their worth for people adopting a healthier lifestyle, but their popularity also demonstrates people's willingness to pass on responsibility to others. Changing your lifestyle is a major task that requires you to leave your comfort zone. This requires a personal coach to provide motivation through encouragement, coercion and rewards to achieve the set goals. 

A personal trainer will not sweat, run out of breath or refuse unhealthy food for you, but they do promise success. The medium of exchange is money and reputation. It is not worthwhile for a personal trainer to promise permanence, since then they would run out of work. On the other hand, maintenance and updating are necessary to make change permanent and make it worthwhile to purchase the services to the grave. 

There are corresponding needs for personal service in other fields of life. If, for example, you want to learn to speak, write, perform – in general, to communicate – in a foreign language while understanding the culture of the target country, a personal trainer is the most effective way to reach the required skill level. 

A personal language trainer will not necessarily speak, write, make presentations or negotiate for you in real-life working situations, but they will provide you with the preconditions for success. During training, you can safely go outside your comfort zone at times and do proper work with a committed trainer.

At the gym, squats are a form of genuine training, lactic acid is biologically genuine, sweat is genuinely wet. Correspondingly, during a language training session, the project report in English (or whatever language you require) is genuine in the way that PowerPoint presentation slides are real. Likewise a simulated negotiation situation with the right content and supervised by the trainer prepares you for that important meeting next week better than anxiously leafing through a dictionary on the living room couch at a quarter to midnight.

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Personal language trainers are not only for working adults. The very same service ensures that upper secondary school students can achieve their learning targets in the most effective way possible. If a certain grade is the goal in the matriculation exam in a certain languages or languages, a personal language trainer can make this possible.

The “fat” of lacking skills is lost and the “muscle mass” of language skills is acquired with improved grammar “oxygen uptake” and hearing comprehension “agility.” In the best case, a multi-talented personal language trainer with three qualifications can provide sparring for mathematics and psychology examinations at the same time.

How far can you stretch the service relationship with a personal trainer (PT) or a personal language trainer (PLT)? Only imagination and personal morals set the limits. You can take a PLT on a work-related trip, take them along to customer meetings or company internal meetings. PLTs have done the homework of upper secondary school students, and upon request told the parents of the student how smart their kid is. Sometimes they have also been asked to buy beer from the shop, but personal ethics decide the limits in extreme cases.


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Heikki Siltala

Heikki Siltala

Heikki Siltala is a business director at AAC, responsible for language, communication and culture training. When not at work, he trains in martial arts and has a broad interest in culture: literature, music and film.

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