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AAC Global and TekMiL join to form Finland’s strongest provider of language services

AAC Global and TekMiL join to form Finland’s strongest language services provider

AAC Holding, which is owned by Korona Invest’s Palvelurahasto (Service Fund) and key personnel from AAC Global, has purchased the language, communication, and training service provider TekMiL. The AAC Holding group will now include AAC Global Oy, TekMiL Oy, and AAC Global AB in Sweden.

AAC Global is Finland’s leading provider of translation and localization services, and also offers content services, language and communication training, and interpreting services. AAC Global’s subsidiary AAC Global AB is a major player in Sweden’s translation and localization market.

“Our new structure with TekMiL will create significant value for our customers and give us a clear competitive edge. Our services are competitive, and we have excellent customers. Joining with TekMiL gives AAC good conditions to better serve our existing and new customers,” says Mika Perttilä, Managing Director of AAC Global.

“TekMiL’s strong brand in training services, particularly in language and cultural training, will continue as before. We are very pleased about this new era. Our existing and future customers will benefit from our combined portfolio,” says Sari Kanti-Paul from TekMiL.

TekMiL’s former owners and executives continue to be committed to working towards the company’s success in the future, and they will be shareholders of AAC Holding Oy. Mika Perttilä has been appointed TekMiL’s new Managing Director, and Sari Kanti-Paul will continue as Director.

“We are the market leader in Finland and a major player in Sweden. Our position will be further strengthened due to this acquisition,” says Vesa Lehtomäki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AAC Global.

AAC Global promotes its clients’ success in international markets by helping them to get their message through to their customers. AAC Global’s services include translation and localization services, content production for all channels, language and communication training, and interpreting services. During the last financial year, the company’s net sales were €15 million, and the company employs approximately 120 professionals in Finland and Sweden.

TekMiL Oy is a family owned company founded in 2005 that focuses on language based business and cultural training. We offer products and services in 17 different languages, with more than 120 professional trainers. TekMiL's services also include recruitment tests, translation, proofreading and interpretation services. During the last financial year, the company’s net sales were €1.6 million.

Additional information:

AAC Global Oy
Mika Perttilä
Managing Director
Tel.: +358 40 544 2325

Tekmil Oy
Sari Kanti-Paul
Tel.: +358 50 538 6243

Korona Invest Oy
Vesa Lehtomäki
Managing Director
Tel. +358 50 337 6969

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