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AAC Global announces strong financial performance in 2017

Posted by AAC Global news on 31/05/18 06:07


AAC Global (group) saw its revenue for 2017 grow by almost EUR 2 million to EUR 15.9 million. As well as improved sales, profitability also improved, with EBITDA of EUR 1.1 million.

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How has AAC Global prepared for GDPR?

Posted by AAC Global news on 22/05/18 08:00

At AAC Global we take our customers’ privacy seriously and for this reason we have made preparations to meet the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards on schedule. To prepare for GDPR, we have carried out several updates to our systems, documented our processes, trained our people and ensured in several other ways that our ways of working meet GDPR standards.

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New email protection service for confidential translations

Posted by AAC Global news on 12/02/18 06:09

AAC Global now offers secure email communication for its translation clients through its partnership with the Finnish cybersecurity company, Deltagon.

Deltagon’s e-mail encryption solution lets you secure your e-mail messaging easily and reliably when sending confidential information for translation. Adding the e-mail encryption is straightforward, and sending a secure message can happen with as little as one extra click.

Petri Lehmus, Managing Partner at AAC Global, explains why AAC Global chooses to partner with Deltagon: “Compared with many other encryption solutions that involve accessing a portal where the emails are stored, Deltagon’s clear, simple, and effective solution means we don’t have to require our customers to keep extra login details, download or install an encryption program, take additional IT security training, or make any costly or disruptive changes to their security processes.”

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Translation services for e-commerce businesses and their suppliers

Posted by AAC Global news on 19/06/17 14:00

ECOMMERCE STHLM offers a network to develop, enhance and improve the digital world. The ECOMMERCE expo was recently held at Kistamässan right around the corner from AAC’s office, so we took the opportunity to learn more about the latest trends in e-commerce.

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Meet our people: Petri Lehmus, the new Managing Partner of AAC GLOBAL

Posted by AAC Global news on 28/02/17 09:02

As of February 13, 2017, Petri Lehmus is Managing Partner of AAC Global. We asked Petri about his background and his plans for AAC.

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AAC Global announces changes in senior management – Petri Lehmus appointed Managing Partner

Posted by AAC Global news on 15/02/17 10:59

AAC Global has appointed a new Managing Partner, Petri Lehmus, who was previously in charge of customer operations and IT development at AAC Global. He has worked for the company since 2016.

The management team at AAC Global now consists of Sari Kanti-Paul, Leena Peltomaa, Stuart Reynish, Tommy Tengvall, Ville Ojala and Petri Lehmus. All the members of the management team are committed to the long-term development of the company as co-owners alongside Korona Invest’s Palvelurahasto (Service Fund).

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Improving AAC’s Customer Portal

Posted by AAC Global news on 07/11/16 10:22

Earlier this year, we asked our customers about their thoughts on improving our customer portal. Based on their valuable feedback, we have improved the service, and now we are happy to announce the new features that have been added to the portal.

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Ponsse and AAC Global continue successful cooperation

Posted by AAC Global news on 19/10/16 08:54

Ponsse and AAC Global have engaged in cooperation in the fields of translation, product localization, and language and communication training since 2007. As a continuation of their long history together, the companies have now signed a wide-ranging contract extension that will see the two companies through to 2020. AAC Global will continue as Ponsse’s translation partner in the fields of both communication and documentation.

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Webinar: The different communication styles of the two US presidential candidates

Posted by AAC Global news on 17/10/16 09:13

The heat is rising in the US presidential debates!

If you have been following the debates, you cannot have missed how communication plays a crucial role for both the candidates. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have very different communication styles, but what is clear is that they both play their role well – and follow their communication strategy.

We have been observing the debates with fascination and wonder, and we have decided to host a joint AAC Global and TekMiL webinar to examine the different communication styles and techniques the two US presidential candidates employ.

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Three ways to get photos for your website

Posted by AAC Global news on 12/10/16 08:48

It is a basic tenet of digital marketing that using the right photos on your website will trigger positive mental images that support your brand image and set the scene for the visit to your site.

The difficult part is choosing "the right photos" that fulfill their role as marketing content—because all of the content on your website should support and promote your brand image. You need to know what effect you are trying to create with your graphic design. Are you looking for contradictory effects from your website background images, for example?

Companies often want their website images to convey a sense of the brand as both professional, yet personal; impressive, yet approachable; high quality, yet good value for money. That's a difficult task for any one photo to achieve!


An experienced AD knows how to find the right photos quickly and efficiently – and how to avoid the usual pitfalls and “stock photo stiltedness” that can harm the visual appeal of your website.


Ideally, the visual impact of your website images should make visitors feel included, intrigued and encouraged to enter and take a closer look. Conversely, poorly chosen photos will send the wrong kind of signal to visitors, who will leave before finding what they were looking for in the first place. Never underestimate the power of images as marketing content.

Creating the right kind of brand image mustn't be left to chance. So, where do you look for the right kind of photos, whether as website background images, brand visualization or the visual elements of your product portfolio?

To make things easier for you, we have listed the most common ways of procuring images for a website (and other kinds of marketing material as well). For each alternative, we have listed the upsides and downsides that you should consider when selecting your preferred method.

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