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Anna is a language specialist with a marketing background, and she has substantial experience in writing business texts. She works as a marketing coordinator as well as a content creator and blogger and she believes strongly in content marketing and the value of producing engaging, actionable content. Outside work she enjoys spending time with her two lovely children as well as jogging, reading and enjoying the cultural and culinary pleasures of beautiful Stockholm.

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E-commerce is the future of retail, and the future is already here! You will read a lot of acronyms and brand names in this blog, and in case you are not 100% sure of what they are, here is a handy guide: ...
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Life science translation comprises medical documentation related to medicines and medico-technical equipment that at a minimum can improve the quality of life for many people worldwide, and that ultimately can save human lives. For natural reasons, this means that medical translation services focus on accuracy ...
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AAC Global has been translating train-related material for many years, and the train and railway industry currently constitutes one of our areas of expertise. We ...
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