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Blake Schumacher

Blake Schumacher
Blake Schumacher is a language trainer with 16 years’ experience. Through positive facilitation techniques he identifies and provides language advice that will enable clients to effectively get their messages through.

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Imagination Sharing

Posted by Blake Schumacher on 24/11/16 08:11

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked my son. My parents and teachers asked me this same question from when I was his age until the day I graduated from university and began my first career. I can’t really recall what I answered. Maybe it was a fireman, maybe a doctor, an ad man was on the list. I’m not sure if the answers were ever really important.

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Topics: Working life, Learning style, Imagination, careers

Language Used to Engage

Posted by Blake Schumacher on 28/09/16 10:43

When I was young, my mother took me to libraries and museums to listen to stories. The biggest thrill I had wasn’t at the end of the stories; it was the journey, the optimism, the promise that by committing to this voyage, you may receive big payoff at the end. I loved the tension created by the trek. Would the hero slay the villain? How will the hero go from rags to riches? How will a certain character redeem themselves after a tragic fall from grace?

Looking back, these stories helped me learn to dream, raised my awareness to the positive tension of mystery and instilled a curious desire to search for answers. It made me aware that obstacles were opportunities, not burdens. All of these lessons from those youthful stories created an exciting and charged atmosphere that has continually kept me engaged and curious throughout my life.

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Topics: Storytelling, Language skills, Language training, Working life

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