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Brian McMillan

Brian McMillan
Brian McMillan has worked as a native English (American) trainer for business, mass media and government professionals since coming to Finland over 11 years ago. Previously he worked within the newspaper, radio and television industries in the United States as a writer, publisher and newscaster. Email: brian.mcmillan@aacglobal.com

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Negotiation Skills – Choosing the Right Words

Posted by Brian McMillan on 08/02/17 14:16



Have you ever noticed how quickly children learn to effectively negotiate with their parents?

No? Well then, picture this:

Mom takes her child to the store. Seeing so many wonderful and colorful items, the child picks up an irresistible object and proclaims, “I want this!

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Topics: Multilingual communication, Learning English, Business English, Negotiation skills

Do you speak the Internet of Things?

Posted by Brian McMillan on 13/01/17 08:14

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an increasingly common topic of conversation in the workplace. There are a lot of complexities around the Internet of Things, and if we are expected to understand it and to be understood in the English language, we need to grasp the basics of the terminology so we can get our message through.

"The basic idea of the IOT is that virtually every physical thing in this world can also become a computer that is connected to the Internet" — Professor Dr. Elgar Fleisch

Simply, the Internet of Things is the concept of connecting any device to the Internet, and/or to each other. It can be anything from smartphones, through consumer appliances like an electric toothbrush or a refrigerator, to industrial machinery and control systems – and almost anything else you could think of. So, it’s best to think of the Internet of Things as a huge network of connected things and people. 

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Topics: Communication, English Language, Internet of Things, Terminology

Holiday Greetings

Posted by Brian McMillan on 02/12/16 08:13

It’s that time of year again when tradition, religion, culture and political correctness have us all, native and non-native users of English, wondering what to say or to write when greeting friends, colleagues, employees or customers.

Our goal is to simply pass along the good spirit, feelings of joy and well-wishes for the season and the coming year ahead. “Simply?” If only this was possible without stepping on someone’s religious, political, cultural or political toes.

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Topics: Communication, Learning English, Small Talk, Politeness

Webinar recording: US Presidential election – communication styles & techniques

Posted by Brian McMillan on 24/10/16 13:11

At the highest level of politics, communication matters, especially if you want to get your message through and win the presidency.

This year, we have been observing the US presidential debates, and they have inspired us to host a webinar analyzing the communications styles of the candidates.

So what do these styles reveal about the candidates?

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Topics: Communication, Video, Webinar, Presidential debate

US presidential debate and communication styles

Posted by Brian McMillan on 07/10/16 09:13

In the United States race for the office of president, the current candidates have two very distinctly different styles for getting their message through to American voters.

How would you describe their delivery style, body language, choice of words and tone of voice, along with their general style of communicating? Would you consider using their methods of communication for getting your message through?

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Topics: Communication, Language skills, Webinar, Hillary Clinton, Presidential debate, Body language, Donald Trump

Professional Language Choices

Posted by Brian McMillan on 29/03/16 09:10

If you have been attempting to stand out in today's ultra-competitive global business world, the chances are high that you are using personal branding, thought leadership, or influencer status on social media to try and get your message across.

If you are aiming your message at a global audience, that means that the language of your content is - or at least should be - English.

Here are some facts I've gathered around the usage of English on two main professional social media channels, Twitter and LinkedIn:


Twice as many tweets are sent in English as in the next most popular language, Japanese.
Source: https://mashable.com/2013/12/17/twitter-popular-languages/#mN686OUVosqo

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