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Heikki Siltala

Heikki Siltala
Heikki Siltala is a business director at AAC, responsible for language, communication and culture training. When not at work, he trains in martial arts and has a broad interest in culture: literature, music and film.

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A Personal Language Trainer will save your life

Posted by Heikki Siltala on 13/06/16 09:09

A need for personal service is not a sign of elitist character, but a natural phenomenon in a service society. Personal trainers have already proved their worth for people adopting a healthier lifestyle, but their popularity also demonstrates people's willingness to pass on responsibility to others. Changing your lifestyle is a major task that requires you to leave your comfort zone. This requires a personal coach to provide motivation through encouragement, coercion and rewards to achieve the set goals. 

A personal trainer will not sweat, run out of breath or refuse unhealthy food for you, but they do promise success. The medium of exchange is money and reputation. It is not worthwhile for a personal trainer to promise permanence, since then they would run out of work. On the other hand, maintenance and updating are necessary to make change permanent and make it worthwhile to purchase the services to the grave. 

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Topics: Communication, Language training, Writing, Learn a language, Personal trainer

Summer is the time to focus on yourself

Posted by Heikki Siltala on 16/05/16 10:45

New year’s resolutions are made at the wrong time of the year. The busy start of the year and even busier late spring ruin these lofty decisions and the measures arising from them. So why not make a summer resolution? Make a resolution that will benefit you in your free time but also after summer in working life.

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Topics: Language skills, Language training, Working life, Language course, Summer, Summer vacation

Your product cannot get its message through by itself

Posted by Heikki Siltala on 13/04/16 13:41

Can your product or service speak or communicate in any manner to potential customers on your behalf? Does it know any foreign languages or understand the impact of the target country’s culture on closing a deal – including marketing, advertising, agreements, purchasing procedures, manuals, consumer protection, etc.?

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Topics: Marketing, Language skills, Sales pitch, Presentation skills, Internationalization

The renaissance of propaganda, or the emperor's new clothes

Posted by Heikki Siltala on 12/02/15 14:37

Creatures that lived on the face of the Earth long before us gradually learned to communicate with each other. It was a useful skill, as it helped advance their number one priority for the preservation of life – procreation. Increased safety was another factor behind successful procreation, so since the dawn of time, communication has been used to enhance the defenses of all living things.

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Topics: Communication

"Paradigm" is a beautiful swearword

Posted by Heikki Siltala on 04/12/14 09:33

Paradigms are paradoxical. If a paradigm is a commonly accepted trend, line of thought, principle or, even more extensively, a prevailing theory or framework which is considered as correct, then show me an established principle. Cast the first stone! An established paradigm is only declared as incorrect when there is a new candidate to replace it. Our culture of “give me everything right now” is a generally approved (some might think it’s generally disapproved) trend and principle which instantly consumes all noble principles. New candidates are available in the shopping mall of our life at a continuous discount price, and it is obvious that our reality is shattered.

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Topics: Communication, Working life

Communication around the ball

Posted by Heikki Siltala on 16/10/14 11:57

Soccer as such – an sich, as the Germans say – might be boring for those who are not at all interested in the sport. However, when watching the soccer World Cup, one could see that a whole lot of aspects were included in this rather simple team sport. Even passive viewers of the World Cup received proper initiation to the diverse phenomena of the sport through coffee table discussions, newspapers, the television, radio and social media. In fact, communication was a pivotal phenomenon.

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Topics: Cultural differences, Communication, Language skills, Language training

Ethos, pathos and logos - should we care?

Posted by Heikki Siltala on 24/08/14 10:37

The legendary Greek philosopher Aristotle listed three rhetorical appeals; ethos, pathos and logos. The fourth was wine, but as we already know its appeal well enough, we will leave any further discussion of it till May 1, Midsummer or New Year's Eve.

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Topics: Cultural differences, Communication, Language skills, Language training

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