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Polina Koski

Polina Koski
Polina Koski has a long experience from language and cultural training, and she is a true all-rounder for providing language training services! She manages language and communication courses and trainers, seeking to create the best learning experiences for our customers! Her free time is spent with her family, traveling and reading.

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Doing Business in Russia 101

Posted by Polina Koski on 21/02/17 09:38

Somebody once said that you can buy in any language, but you can sell only in the language of the buyer.

So, what do you do when you are entering a new market, such as Russia, and you don’t have the time, or the means, to learn the buyer’s language? It’s certainly not enough to prepare a flashy slide deck in the hopes of doing business in Russia; you need to take carefully planned, concrete steps to prepare yourself.

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Topics: Cultural differences, Cultural training, Doing business in Russia, Russian business etiquette, Russian customs and traditions

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