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Sami Hurmerinta

Sami Hurmerinta
Sami works as a translator (EN-FI-EN). The areas he has most experience in include IT-related texts (software and hardware), communication technologies and mobile phones. The things he enjoys doing the most at the moment include tai chi, photography, blogging, traveling, and cat herding.

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A day in the life of a translator

Posted by Sami Hurmerinta on 11/02/16 09:35

9:00 am

I arrive at the office, sign in to the system and open my e-mail. Today shouldn’t be too busy, but I have to finish a short text that I started the day before and deliver it to the customer by the end of the day. When I open my e-mail, I see that there are a few other jobs waiting, some of which have to be delivered today. I accept the jobs and ask the relevant project managers for more information, and I download the translatable files to my computer from the Vendor Portal of AAC’s translation management system.

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