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Company video boosts communications

When time is in short supply.

When you need fast communication and to be remembered.

When you need to condense facts and create images, convey the look and spirit of the company.

This is when you need a company video.


Videos are at the forefront of content marketing. And they continue to triumph. Trend analysts predict that video communications will continue to grow. YouTube alone attracts more than one billion unique visitors every month. A company video will make your company a part of the visual avalanche.


A company video is an effective way to reach audiences and decision-makers. A little over one-fifth of the viewers of company videos continue on to the company website. A quarter will seek more information on the subject. A well-made video awakens interest and creates discussion, leaves an indelible trace in the mind of the viewer.


But how to distinguish yourself in the midst of this visual flood? How to make yourself seen? What is the hook in the video? A company video may be a presentation, an ad or an image spot. The most important is that it is unique; that it tells a story, shows what the company is about. A good company video is dense, insightful and looks like the company. The kind you return to.


The video also provides the company with important information about reception. Measurability is in-built in the video. Each viewing leaves a trace. Number of viewers, time of viewing and even information about the viewers.

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Leena-Kaisa Laakso

Leena-Kaisa Laakso

Leena-Kaisa Laakso previously worked as a Communication Designer at AAC Global.

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