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New email protection service for confidential translations

AAC Global now offers secure email communication for its translation clients through its partnership with the Finnish cybersecurity company, Deltagon.

Deltagon’s e-mail encryption solution lets you secure your e-mail messaging easily and reliably when sending confidential information for translation. Adding the e-mail encryption is straightforward, and sending a secure message can happen with as little as one extra click.

Petri Lehmus, Managing Partner at AAC Global, explains why AAC Global chooses to partner with Deltagon: “Compared with many other encryption solutions that involve accessing a portal where the emails are stored, Deltagon’s clear, simple, and effective solution means we don’t have to require our customers to keep extra login details, download or install an encryption program, take additional IT security training, or make any costly or disruptive changes to their security processes.”

Teemu Suuronen, Security Sales Engineer at Deltagon, explains the benefit of the Deltagon service: “The beauty of the Deltagon email encryption system is that it is so intuitive to use that instead of wondering if you should send a file securely, you can simply add the encryption whenever you want to, without any extra inconvenience.”

Lehmus explains the reasons behind this partnership: “In the translation business we often hear that it can be a temptation for publically listed companies and public sector organizations to send material for translation via unencrypted email – and that’s the human factor, employees are busy and deadlines are tight, maybe they are not aware of the procedures in their organization, or the encryption process is complicated.”

“The material that these organizations send is often confidential, not intended for public consumption, or ‘insider’ information. And the reasons why confidential material might be sent unsecured is not limited to listed companies and public sector organizations – they apply also to private companies sending business-sensitive texts for translation.”


According to Google’s Transparency Report, over 10 percent of all emails sent to and from Google globally are not encrypted at all. And they can be read by anyone who has access to the traffic.

Source: https://transparencyreport.google.com/safer-email/overview


“At AAC Global, we pride ourselves on securely handling all confidential or business-sensitive material sent to us for translation,” continues Lehmus.

“But that doesn’t prevent the risk of unauthorized interception or viewing of an email and its contents. Just look at the case in Finland last year where confidential internal police messages regarding security arrangements for the visit to Finland by Russian president Vladimir Putin were sent to a schoolteacher in Oulu. If those emails had been encrypted, the accidental recipient would not have been able to access them.”

Suuronen adds: “We see sending confidential information via unencrypted common email as being equivalent to writing it on a postcard and mailing it to the sender. It’s one of the most unsecure ways to send files to another person, as it is not secured in any way by default.





Suuronen explains: “Deltagon’s encryption service is an extremely straightforward and simple way to ensure your emails are protected. If a customer is using Deltagon’s encryption service, then they simply add one letter to the email address of the recipient. That’s it.

“If you use the optional plug-in, you simply press SEND in your email program. You can also authenticate the recipient is who you intended it to be by entering their phone number. They will receive a one-time passcode on their mobile that they will use when they open the email you sent them.




“And, if you don’t want to use the plug-in, or are using a mobile phone for example, you can simply add the extra letter to the email address manually and the email will be protected.”

  • In all cases, the recipient receives a notification that they have received a secure email.
  • The notification will include a link that takes them to a browser window where they can read, download, reply to, or forward the email as normal.
  • The original sender will also receive a read receipt that states that the email has been read.




How can AAC Global clients start using Deltagon email encryption?

“We can easily arrange it for them,” says Lehmus. “Simply contact your project manager directly, or our sales team.

The service is priced based on the number of users. And of course the other additional benefit of using Deltagon email encryption is that it can be applied to information sent internally as well.

“The core strength of our Deltagon service is that it gives the sender the ability to easily choose the level of security, removing any obstacles that may have prevented them from always doing so in the past” says Suuronen. And, as a final piece of advice when it comes to sending confidential information by email, he adds: “If in doubt, encrypt it!”


Contact AAC Global today to ask about using our Deltagon email encryption service to safeguard your translations



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