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Five experts answer the big questions about translation technology

We asked five questions surrounding the big issues in translation technology from five keynote speakers and contributors at this year's Kites symposium. 

The Kites Association is a cluster of Finnish companies working in the fields of multilingual communication and language technology.  Their annual symposium brings together the leading translation and localization companies in Finland, along with customers, guest speakers, stakeholders and influencers from both the public and private sectors.

For those of us inside the language service provider (LSP) industry, it is awash with buzz words at the moment: from neural machine translation to automatic translation, and from eTranslation to big data and open data.

How will these technologies develop, and what will that mean for the translation and localization services that LSPs offer to translation and localization clients?

Watch the videos below to find out how they answered.

 Question 1. Data, especially open data, is one of the main themes of this year's symposium. Why is that?


 Question 2. How do new translation technologies impact on our day-to-day lives?


Question 3. The Finnish language is sometimes regarded as a complex one for language technology. Does this put the sector in Finland at a disadvantage?



Question 4. What was the key takeaway for you from this year’s symposium?



Question 5. Fast-forward to the next Kites Symposium in 2019 – what will we be discussing, and why?

Thank you to all the keynote speakers and contributors for talking the time to talk to us about translation technology during what was a very busy day:

  • Reidar Wasenius, keynote speaker and Managing Director, Finnish Business Angels Network: “All communication is influencing - what impact does your language have on your listeners’ ears and the brain?”
  • Anu Piippo, Editor-in-chief, Geo magazine Finland: “Multilingualism and the production of an international magazine"
  • Mary Nurminen, Doctoral Researcher, University of Tampere & Maarit Koponen, Lecturer, University of Tampere: “Governments, NGOs, MT and accessibility”
  • Jörg Tiedemann, Prof. of Language Technology, University of Helsinki.
Our thanks also go to the board and member companies of Kites for their cooperation:
  • AAC Global
  • Arancho Doc
  • Lingsoft
  • SKTL
  • Transfluent

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