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Getting your message through with webinars

Nowadays, everyone seems to be in a hurry – especially customers. It often feels that it is difficult to get even a minute of their time to tell them about new services or the ways you could help them in their business. Dozens of other salespeople and professional bookers who have been trained to arrange meetings are also competing for the customers' attention, which makes organizing meetings even more challenging. I bet this sounds familiar.

At AAC, we have noticed that by organizing webinars about topics that are interesting and related to our operations, we have easily managed to get quite large groups of interested customers to listen to the presentation – and to our message as well. It is vital that webinars are executed well: the content has to be truly meaningful and interesting. Webinars must be organized carefully, presenters must practice in advance, and the material for the webinar must be polished until it is smooth. A good webinar is not an obvious, rote sales pitch. On the other hand, the participants are probably well aware that webinars are often connected to the host’s business in one way or another.

They scratch the surface, stir the participants’ interest and provoke thoughts.

At their best, webinars become more than just short presentations via the Internet – both to the organizer and the participants. From the participants’ point of view, webinars are easy to attend and do not take a lot of time. They scratch the surface, stir the participants’ interest and provoke thoughts. If participants do not find a webinar interesting, it is easier to leave a webinar than a training session or a sales meeting. The webinar organizer, on the other hand, can reach a large group of potential customers interested in the company's services or products. Some of these customers may be willing to discuss the topic more in the future – for example in a meeting.

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Heikki Uurto

Heikki Uurto

Heikki Uurto works at AAC as director of finance and administration. He is responsible for the company's finances, HR and administration. Before joining AAC, he worked in a number of managerial and senior management positions in financial administration at ICT and health technology companies.

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