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Improving AAC’s Customer Portal

Earlier this year, we asked our customers about their thoughts on improving our customer portal. Based on their valuable feedback, we have improved the service, and now we are happy to announce the new features that have been added to the portal.

Managing source and target languages

The portal was lacking a way to store the most-used target and source languages. From now on, the portal will remember the target and source languages that were used in a user’s last quote and order. Similarly, portal users can save common target languages as a group and use those groups when creating new quotes and orders.

Customer portal languages

Based on early customer feedback, this improvement has been particularly well received, and we are always happy to hear feedback like this: “I just wanted to say that I love the new portal change that I’ve seen this week. When I create a new order, it defaults to English (Australian) as the source language. This is GREAT!”

Project estimates and reports

In order to estimate the delivery date more accurately, the customer portal now warns the customer if the selected delivery date is a public holiday in Finland or Sweden. Similarly, the portal warns the user if the order date or the next day are public holidays in Finland or Sweden. These features allow us to offer more accurate project estimates.

Another hugely anticipated service has been the option to export reports. Although the reporting functionality inside the customer portal is comprehensive, it lacked the possibility to export reports. Therefore, one of the latest improvements has been to add export functionality, which now allows customers to download reports in Excel format.

Messaging between customer and project manager just got easier

The latest portal improvement has been a totally new project messaging feature. The messaging service allows customers to send project-related messages directly to the project manager responsible for that particular project (messages are project-specific). This way, the all-important project communication will be made much easier and stored in the portal for future viewing.

Customer portal messaging

Moving forward with the portal improvements

We hope that these improvements are seen as beneficial and bring value to our customers. Naturally, we are eagerly waiting for your feedback regarding these new features and new ideas for improvements. We will continue to develop the customer portal according to our customer’s needs, so stay tuned for future improvements!


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