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Ponsse and AAC Global continue successful cooperation

Ponsse and AAC Global have engaged in cooperation in the fields of translation, product localization, and language and communication training since 2007. As a continuation of their long history together, the companies have now signed a wide-ranging contract extension that will see the two companies through to 2020. AAC Global will continue as Ponsse’s translation partner in the fields of both communication and documentation.

“We are happy with AAC’s service and translation quality, as well as their desire to develop through listening to their customers’ needs. We set high requirements for our own work, and we expect our partners to deliver high-quality results as well. In day-to-day operations, having a contact person with sufficient expertise and a customer-oriented attitude is vitally important. In our busy daily schedule, rapid and reliable translation services facilitate the success of our corporate communication and marketing efforts,” say Communications Manager Katja Paananen and Documentation Manager Pasi Luoto, the people responsible for the translation cooperation at Ponsse.

“Ponsse is one of our key customers, and we are definitely happy and delighted that the long and satisfying cooperation between our companies will continue,” says Leena Peltomaa, Director of AAC Global’s Finnish Translation & Localization division. “Over the years, we have continuously fine-tuned our processes together with Ponsse in order to create a simple and smooth ordering process for translations and ensure that we meet their expectations in terms of quality. Now, we get to reap the harvest of our development efforts. We have also provided Ponsse with certain technical solutions to support their documentation management process, which has further added to the depth of our cooperation.”

Additional information:

AAC Global Oy
Leena Peltomaa
Director, Translation & Localization Finland
Tel. +358 40 777 1404

Ponsse Oyj
Katja Paananen
Communications Manager
Tel. +358 20 768 8834

AAC Global Oy is Finland’s leading provider of translation and localization services. The company also offers content services, language and communication training, and interpreting services. AAC Global Oy’s subsidiary AAC Global AB is a major player in Sweden’s translation and localization market.

Ponsse engages in customer-oriented development of forest machines as well as associated information systems and services. The Ponsse Group employs some 1,400 people, of whom 650 work in the Ylä-Savo region at Ponsse’s factory in Vieremä, and in service businesses and at the logistics center in Iisalmi. An export-led company, Ponsse operates in Europe, South America, and North America, as well as Russia and Asia.

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