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Summer is the time to focus on yourself

New year’s resolutions are made at the wrong time of the year. The busy start of the year and even busier late spring ruin these lofty decisions and the measures arising from them. So why not make a summer resolution? Make a resolution that will benefit you in your free time but also after summer in working life.

After having worked hard from autumn to spring for your company, organization and customers, the time has come to finally focus on yourself. You can be selfish. How about pampering yourself with a personal trainer to serve you with developing your language skills, cultural competence and communication capabilities in general?

And there is no point in setting unnecessary limits to life or learning during the summertime. If you play golf, take your language trainer with you on the greens and fairways. They can carry your “bag” while you two are having a conversation about the topics of your choice for 18 holes. If you are a sailing enthusiast, take the trainer on board with you; in addition to seafaring terminology, you can easily talk about strategy in a foreign language, for example, if the goal is best reached with sea charts and a compass. Likewise, trainers know how to ride a bike, so a bike trip of a couple of hours in summer scenery talking about an appropriate theme in the language of your choice, which will brighten your day even more. Or what about going to a café terrace, which is always an inspiring learning environment, where you can watch people go by, read foreign newspapers and comment on them to the trainer. Alternative learning environments are endless; exercising in a park, free concerts and so on. Combine fun and gain.

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You can choose the most suitable of our trainers based on your hobbies or other preferences. Outdoors types, athletes, intellectuals, rock’n’roll lovers, calm thinkers. Sometimes similarity works to the advantage, at other times differences complement each other. The only things our trainers share are excellent teaching skills and a genuine willingness to serve and help you to develop. In the summer, the trainers are at their best and they will have time for you. It is also the easiest to find time in the calendar for shared learning relaxation moments. In the summer, it is also allowed to be a bit wild and experience surprises. So, let our trainer surprise you and choose the time and the place. It may be on a beach admiring the sunrise or under a shelter in the port listening to the sound of summer rain.

After the summer, your colleagues and customers will wonder what has happened to you during the summer. How did you manage to give such an excellent presentation so fluently in English, or negotiate so fluently with the Swedish subcontractor, or speak about Russian commercial terminology over the phone? And above all, why do you look so relaxed? You will know that you made the right summer resolution.

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Heikki Siltala

Heikki Siltala

Heikki Siltala is a business director at AAC, responsible for language, communication and culture training. When not at work, he trains in martial arts and has a broad interest in culture: literature, music and film.

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