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What we talk about when we talk about content creation

Posted by Leena-Kaisa Laakso on 03/10/14 11:34

What on earth? It isn't unique then? The result of sleepless nights full of creative thinking? Hard artistic work?

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Topics: Content production, Content design, Content creation, Writing

Can a pencil surprise? A tale of customer expectations

Posted by Antti Seppänen on 19/09/14 11:02

I like pencils. You get a good sense of control in your writing when you can neatly rub your mistakes out with an eraser. The mechanical pencil is a great invention, especially the ones with an eraser at the other end. Everything literally gets done at the flick of a wrist.

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Topics: Communication, Content design, Marketing, Working life, Customer experience

Digital storytelling is about emotions and technology

Posted by Leena-Kaisa Laakso on 04/08/14 14:22

Digital storytelling brings stories to this moment. It combines traditional narratives with new technology. The story is told through text, pictures, voice, music and different kinds of transitions. Interactive elements may also be included.

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Topics: Storytelling, Content, Communication, Content production, Content design, Digital

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