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5 ways to optimize your webinar recording before you publish online

Posted by Glennon Kiernan-Lahti on 05/04/18 06:06

Webinars are a popular and easy tool for sharing your knowledge or passion. All you need is an audience, solid promotion, engaging content, and a camera – then you’re ready to broadcast your message live to viewers around the globe.

At a time when video content marketing is all the rage, you will also probably decide to publish a recording of your webinar online. Why? Because publishing a recording is a great way to extend the lifespan of your content, both gated and non-gated. And you can now offer your audience a chance to watch when and how it suits them.

However, just as you wouldn’t publish a blogpost without optimizing around keywords, it’s essential to optimize your recorded webinars. Here are five essential actions to take before uploading your webinar recording. 

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Topics: Webinar, Multilingual communication, Content marketing, Specialized translation

Website Renewal: what to consider

Posted by Annaelisa Huhtala on 02/03/17 08:58

When you want to find out something, what’s usually the first place you go to look for it?

Nine times out of ten, the answer is search engines – and through them, we can access the relevant websites that produce services, products or relevant information. On the go with a mobile device, when traveling or during a coffee break with a tablet device, or at work or at home on a PC, most people visit several different websites on a daily basis.

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Topics: Website renewal, Visual design, SEO, Content marketing

3 foundations: how to get started with content marketing

Posted by Annaelisa Huhtala on 02/02/17 09:03

Content marketing is the biggest trend in digital marketing at the moment – and for good reason. Combined with marketing automation systems, it allows for attracting better quality leads, achieving better conversion, and smoother processes that focus around customer satisfaction.

At least, it should.

But how do you get started with content marketing and get your lead-generating machine up and running and fine-tuned?

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Topics: Content marketing, Social media channels, Getting started with content marketing, Creating content

Three ways to get photos for your website

Posted by AAC Global news on 12/10/16 08:48

It is a basic tenet of digital marketing that using the right photos on your website will trigger positive mental images that support your brand image and set the scene for the visit to your site.

The difficult part is choosing "the right photos" that fulfill their role as marketing content—because all of the content on your website should support and promote your brand image. You need to know what effect you are trying to create with your graphic design. Are you looking for contradictory effects from your website background images, for example?

Companies often want their website images to convey a sense of the brand as both professional, yet personal; impressive, yet approachable; high quality, yet good value for money. That's a difficult task for any one photo to achieve!


An experienced AD knows how to find the right photos quickly and efficiently – and how to avoid the usual pitfalls and “stock photo stiltedness” that can harm the visual appeal of your website.


Ideally, the visual impact of your website images should make visitors feel included, intrigued and encouraged to enter and take a closer look. Conversely, poorly chosen photos will send the wrong kind of signal to visitors, who will leave before finding what they were looking for in the first place. Never underestimate the power of images as marketing content.

Creating the right kind of brand image mustn't be left to chance. So, where do you look for the right kind of photos, whether as website background images, brand visualization or the visual elements of your product portfolio?

To make things easier for you, we have listed the most common ways of procuring images for a website (and other kinds of marketing material as well). For each alternative, we have listed the upsides and downsides that you should consider when selecting your preferred method.

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