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How can English language training help B2B and B2C companies?

Posted by Antti Voutilainen on 23/01/20 08:00

The everyday business of companies regularly includes situations where English language skills are needed. The situation can be simply that a new customer contacts the customer service department, and English needs to be used as the language of communication. A sales team may receive a request for quotation from abroad in English. In a multinational organization, the use of English is rarely unexpected, but its need may still come as a surprise. For instance, a development project may include personnel from several countries. English language skills may suddenly become necessary when a company is sold to an international owner. English may have been rarely needed earlier, when suddenly it becomes the common language to use.

In this blog post, we discuss why companies should invest in English language training, even if they consider their employees’ skill level to be good.

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Elearning supports and improves customer service

Posted by Antti Voutilainen on 31/07/19 09:45

“We have a new customer relationship management system, and all our customer service employees need to be provided with training quickly and effectively.” “We’re getting ready to launch a new product. Before that, however, our sales and customer service professionals need training so we can ensure a successful launch.” “Improving customer satisfaction is one of our goals throughout the chain.” These situations are familiar to people whose work is related to customer service.

Providing training to a large target group, such as customer service employees, is always a demanding project. It’s not enough that everyone receive the information – they must also understand what it means in practice.

In this blog article, we will be discussing how companies can use elearning to improve customer service. We will offer several options for elearning for customer service professionals.

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New email protection service for confidential translations

Posted by AAC Global news on 12/02/18 06:09

AAC Global now offers secure email communication for its translation clients through its partnership with the Finnish cybersecurity company, Deltagon.

Deltagon’s e-mail encryption solution lets you secure your e-mail messaging easily and reliably when sending confidential information for translation. Adding the e-mail encryption is straightforward, and sending a secure message can happen with as little as one extra click.

Petri Lehmus, Managing Partner at AAC Global, explains why AAC Global chooses to partner with Deltagon: “Compared with many other encryption solutions that involve accessing a portal where the emails are stored, Deltagon’s clear, simple, and effective solution means we don’t have to require our customers to keep extra login details, download or install an encryption program, take additional IT security training, or make any costly or disruptive changes to their security processes.”

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