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In discussions about dyslexia and how it affects language learning – which is of course close to my heart as a language teacher – I am often asked: “If a student is dyslexic, how should it be taken into account in language learning? Is there something that all dyslexics share in a learning context?” ...
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Although a common phenomenon, dyslexia (also known as “reading disorder”) has not been much written about. At AAC, we encounter an increasing number of pupils who struggle with learning due to dyslexia. One of our most successful students is Teppo, who works in high-end product development in a major Finnish corporation operating in international markets. Over the years, Teppo’s duties ...
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As many as 10% of Finns suffer from dyslexia. The condition is hereditary and can make reading and writing particularly difficult. It has no effect on intelligence, which means that it is a hurdle but not a barrier for learning languages, for example. However, a person struggling with dyslexia has to work many times harder when studying a foreign language, and a person suffering from severe ...
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