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What kinds of elearning should be outsourced

Posted by Antti Voutilainen on 15/01/20 07:45

Staff training is commonplace in all companies. Carrying out the training is the real challenge. If the company has many offices and only a few people have knowledge about the subject of the training, what should you do? Do you send out an expert to carry out training at each office, prepare an elearning course yourself or outsource the elearning implementation? Or should you combine face-to-face and online training?

There are many possible options. Before you take on the challenge, however, it is necessary to consider what the objectives of the training are, how large the target group is, whether sufficient resources are available to organize the training and how the training will be implemented for the staff.

In this blog we discuss when it is worthwhile to outsource the implementation of elearning.

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Topics: elearning, outsourcing, Online training

How can elearning be used for sales promotion?

Posted by Antti Voutilainen on 02/01/20 08:15

Did you know that elearning is an effective tool to support sales and marketing? Elearning is often seen as just a tool for training an organization's own staff, but that's not the case. Once the target group and the goal of the elearning are known, the possibilities are almost limitless.

In this blog we will explain why and how elearning is a viable option for sales and marketing support.

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Topics: elearning, Customer journey, Sales Promotion, Lead generation

Elearning supports and improves customer service

Posted by Antti Voutilainen on 31/07/19 09:45

“We have a new customer relationship management system, and all our customer service employees need to be provided with training quickly and effectively.” “We’re getting ready to launch a new product. Before that, however, our sales and customer service professionals need training so we can ensure a successful launch.” “Improving customer satisfaction is one of our goals throughout the chain.” These situations are familiar to people whose work is related to customer service.

Providing training to a large target group, such as customer service employees, is always a demanding project. It’s not enough that everyone receive the information – they must also understand what it means in practice.

In this blog article, we will be discussing how companies can use elearning to improve customer service. We will offer several options for elearning for customer service professionals.

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Topics: Digital learning, customer service, elearning

How to use elearning for induction training

Posted by Antti Voutilainen on 24/06/19 10:27

Do you feel that induction training is an unmanageable and unbearable hassle to organize? Would you like to make sure that all new employees are provided with appropriate induction? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you.

We will be discussing the benefits of digital learning in induction training and how we created an elearning solution for the Finnish Broadcasting Company for new employees.

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Topics: Digital learning, elearning, induction, customer case

Customer insight: Scenario-based elearning at Kemira

Posted by AAC Global news on 16/10/18 06:03

Kemira is a chemical industry group that consists of three main segments: pulp & paper, municipal & industrial, and oil & mining

With their code of conduct, Kemira wanted to both engage their employees and also maximize the learning outcome by enabling their employees to understand the connection between the principles of the code and their work within the company.

We developed an eLearning course in conjunction with Kemira that uses scenarios to achieve both those aims.


“We wanted to make an eLearning course that would be fresh and different from our previous version, covering real-life scenarios for ethical decision-making.”

Director, Ethics & Compliance, Kemira

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