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How to localize e-learning – Six tips

Posted by Antti Voutilainen on 20/01/20 08:15

One of the biggest challenges for multilingual and multinational companies is the development of their staff's skills equally and with high quality everywhere. They want to guarantee the same premises for work performance for all employees. Developing the skills of the staff is a natural part of their engagement and expertise. At the same time, the company is strengthening its position for the future.

Elearning has unquestionably claimed its place in training large target groups. Its strength is also the fact that it’s easy to adapt to different languages. If a company has done an excellent elearning implementation in its main language, there is no need to prepare completely new training for different languages, because the elearning can be localized.

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of elearning localization while giving some tips for localizing online training.

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