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Negotiation Skills – Choosing the Right Words

Posted by Brian McMillan on 08/02/17 14:16



Have you ever noticed how quickly children learn to effectively negotiate with their parents?

No? Well then, picture this:

Mom takes her child to the store. Seeing so many wonderful and colorful items, the child picks up an irresistible object and proclaims, “I want this!

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5 Simple Steps to Better-Sounding Customer Service

Posted by Glennon Kiernan-Lahti on 26/01/17 09:10

When someone says “You’ll have to call customer service,” what reaction do you have? Dread, despair, anger, panic? Or, maybe just mild resentment or quiet acceptance? Either way, for most people, the reaction sure isn’t, “Yippee, I’m going on a customer service journey!”

Unless you’re me. I love engaging with customer service; anywhere, anyhow, anytime. You see, I want to know what the customer experience will be like. How well is this company managing the expectations of its customers?

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Topics: Multilingual communication, Learning English, Business English, Customer Experience Management

Holiday Greetings

Posted by Brian McMillan on 02/12/16 08:13

It’s that time of year again when tradition, religion, culture and political correctness have us all, native and non-native users of English, wondering what to say or to write when greeting friends, colleagues, employees or customers.

Our goal is to simply pass along the good spirit, feelings of joy and well-wishes for the season and the coming year ahead. “Simply?” If only this was possible without stepping on someone’s religious, political, cultural or political toes.

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Topics: Communication, Learning English, Small Talk, Politeness

Do you speak finance?

Posted by Glennon Kiernan-Lahti on 01/12/16 10:09

Do you scratch your head when you hear people using terms at work such as reimbursement, amortization, CAGR, EBITDA, consolidation, ROI, or even terms from the news such as “a run on the banks”?

Unfamiliar finance terminology can be dense, incomprehensible, jargonistic and even – at times – argotic claptrap! But, what should we do when we come up against with terms that we don’t understand? Well, a good old dictionary is a fine start, but as finance is a fast-changing world, you should really use an online dictionary for the most current terminology.

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Topics: Learning English, Business English, Financial terminology, Online learning resources, Dictionaries

5 reasons why mistakes shouldn’t stop you from speaking English

Posted by Annaelisa Huhtala on 29/11/16 08:53

It’s a rare business that doesn’t require any understanding of languages, and for most businesses, English has become their go-to option for international business communication. However, no one wants to fumble over words or make mistakes.

What if I leave a bad impression? What if I say something wrong? What if I use the wrong term by mistake? What if I forget the specific word at the worst possible moment?

Thoughts like these are common, especially among those of us who have been taught English with a heavy focus on grammar and little emphasis on actual talking.

However, here are five reasons why these mistakes shouldn’t stop you from speaking English:

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