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An introduction to modern eLearning

Posted by Glennon Kiernan-Lahti on 12/07/18 06:05


In our previous blog on eLearning, Four trends taking eLearning to the next level, we wrote about the learning benefits of simulation, social learning, personalization, and bite-sized learning. This time, we are going to take a broader look at the state of modern eLearning.

First of all, what do we mean by modern eLearning?

Well, let’s define it from two perspectives: The first is that of the recipient of the learning. This could be a company employee, or some other organizational stakeholder. For them, modern eLearning needs four main characteristics to be effective. It must be:

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Topics: Digital learning, Learning style, E-learning, Learning content

Four trends taking eLearning to the next level

Posted by Glennon Kiernan-Lahti on 14/06/18 06:02


As digitization continues to drive change in the workplace, it has transformed how we manage, how we collaborate, how we sell, and also how we choose to learn.

To help drive the adoption of this vast, digitally driven change among all stakeholder groups, such as employees, customers, and suppliers, there has been a boom in interest among companies for modern digital learning solutions.

As a result, companies are increasingly turning to e-learning to meet that need. Forget about the days of static content, poor-quality videos, or grainy scans of documents – modern e-learning is a content-rich, mobile-friendly, engaging, measureable, and universally accessible form of learning.

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Topics: Digital learning, Learning style, E-learning, Learning content

Imagination Sharing

Posted by Blake Schumacher on 24/11/16 08:11

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked my son. My parents and teachers asked me this same question from when I was his age until the day I graduated from university and began my first career. I can’t really recall what I answered. Maybe it was a fireman, maybe a doctor, an ad man was on the list. I’m not sure if the answers were ever really important.

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Topics: Working life, Learning style, Imagination, careers

Do you know how people learn languages?

Posted by Sinikka Teikari on 23/05/16 09:35

Have you ever, even as an adult, thought about how people learn languages? It might sound like a lot of work, because learning styles, trends and methods follow each other like the changing seasons of haute couture. On the other hand, the current trend towards self-direction requires that everyone should now take responsibility for their own learning. However, it seems that few adult learners are naturally self-directed. Self-study does not necessarily work in at stages of language learning, especially if the learner is not interested enough in learning a language.

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Topics: Language skills, Language training, Visual, Kinesthetic, Teacher-guided, Holistic learner, Auditory, Self-direction, Learning style, Analytic learner

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