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Three good reasons to choose a professional translation provider

Posted by Antti Voutilainen on 09/07/19 10:30

A corporate website needs to be translated into Swedish, as the company will soon be opening an office in Stockholm. An annual report needs to be made available in English for new investors. Brand-new software must be made available in German, so the company can enter new markets. Do these sound familiar?

The translation needs of companies and other organizations vary widely according to the sector and the target market. The above are just a few examples of general translation needs.

This article discusses the benefits of outsourcing translations to a professional language service partner, in addition to offering tips on ordering translations.

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Behind the scenes: an insight into website localization and software translation

Posted by Anna Segerpalm on 05/06/18 06:03


There is a saying in English: “practice what you preach”.

At AAC Global, we have been doing just that recently. We have revamped our www.aacglobal.com website by moving to a more modern platform that offers enhanced functionality. Along the way we created a bold new look and new content.

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Translation services for train and railway: bridging language barriers

Posted by Anna Segerpalm on 07/11/17 06:06

AAC Global at Elmia Nordic Rail October 10-12

Some people might be surprised to learn that many of our largest customers operate in the rail industry. We are always keen to learn from these companies how their business is evolving, what kinds of challenges and opportunities they are facing, and what projects they have in the pipeline.

The more we can learn about their future needs, the better we can serve them. In an effort to keep our ear to the ground, we chose to exhibit at this year’s Elmia Nordic Rail in Jönköping.

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Translation services for e-commerce businesses and their suppliers

Posted by AAC Global news on 19/06/17 14:00

ECOMMERCE STHLM offers a network to develop, enhance and improve the digital world. The ECOMMERCE expo was recently held at Kistamässan right around the corner from AAC’s office, so we took the opportunity to learn more about the latest trends in e-commerce.

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Four tips for getting the best out of your translator

Posted by Annamari Korhonen on 22/11/16 09:18

When you buy a translation, you are actually buying communication. Your text has a clear purpose: it must effectively communicate your messages to somebody. You probably agree that communication is a creative field, and communication specialists may write and edit your texts with much attention to detail. The result is informative, easy to read and has the right style. “Great work,” you tell your communications department. The text is finished and complete, now let’s just get it translated and published.

Hold your horses! Think for a moment. What is actually finished and complete?

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A day in the life of a translator

Posted by Sami Hurmerinta on 11/02/16 09:35

9:00 am

I arrive at the office, sign in to the system and open my e-mail. Today shouldn’t be too busy, but I have to finish a short text that I started the day before and deliver it to the customer by the end of the day. When I open my e-mail, I see that there are a few other jobs waiting, some of which have to be delivered today. I accept the jobs and ask the relevant project managers for more information, and I download the translatable files to my computer from the Vendor Portal of AAC’s translation management system.

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Translation and localization – how to save 10 million dollars

Posted by Tommy Tengvall on 16/12/15 09:00

We are frequently asked what the difference is between translation and localization. The word translation is familiar to most people and generally does not cause any difficulties, but the meaning of localization is not as clear. In Swedish, the word localization ('lokalisering") brings to mind the idea of "locality" or a similar concept. The word has a different meaning in the language industry and in international trade. Here it means adapting a product or content to the conventions of a specific language and culture.

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The anatomy of a file

Posted by Jouni Jakonen on 31/08/15 09:00

I like files. Not all of them, but generally speaking, most of them. I don't like PDF files, though. I have developed a kind of love-hate relationship with Microsoft Word's doc(x) file format – kind of the same as with my daily newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat: sometimes they make me angry, but I can't really live without them. Excel files are interesting and I would like to understand them better. Nowadays, I am indifferent towards PowerPoint files (I used to be interested in them as well). The world would do well without them.

Text files are my favourites. Firstly, they come in different forms and they just keep on surprising me and only rarely irritate me. Most importantly, if a text file has been written by a human being, its content is usually relevant, not too long, and is meant to be read in its entirety. In addition, viewing text files does not require large and complex software.

It is true though, that often text files have been produced automatically or as a result of some kind of process, like the following example. It is a database dump for a certain customer’s content, but it is meant to be read by human beings. And it was sent to us for translation. I had to figure out how to convert it into a format that could be imported into the translation tool for translation. To cut a long story short, this is how the file was prepared for translation.

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Video: Taming the L10N: Why Localization Matters

Posted by AAC Global news on 29/05/15 13:39

It’s a global market. But you need a local product. Are you taking all the benefits of localization into the global market jungle?

Presented here are five good reasons why you should take advantage of L10N to reach a wider audience and make the most of your own products.

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PDF localization - what does it take?

Posted by Jani Heikkonen on 09/04/15 15:04

Clients often ask if we can translate from PDF files. Of course, the answer is always “yes.” As with any other project, first we must gauge what the client actually needs back from us. Clients’ requirements for deliverables vary from the very basic to complex. Basic PDF localization could be just a simple text file without any of the graphics that the PDF might contain. At the other end of the spectrum, a complex PDF localization might include reproducing the PDF as an Adobe InDesign file with all the graphics, table of contents, etc. Or it could be anywhere in between. Managing expectations is far more important for PDF localization than it is for any other file type.

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