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The calendar of a translation agency

Posted by AAC Global news on 06/07/16 10:00

The marketing calendar, or marketing plan, is well-known in many companies. Certain marketing activities are scheduled for certain times of the year. Companies prepare materials for annual spring fairs or design Christmas greetings for their customers. A translation agency often follows the same rhythm, as materials tend to be translated right after they have been completed. Annual report season is also a busy time for a translation agency, as usually all language versions are published at the same time.

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Topics: Translation, Translation agency, Marketing, Marketing calendar, Marketing plan

Your product cannot get its message through by itself

Posted by Heikki Siltala on 13/04/16 13:41

Can your product or service speak or communicate in any manner to potential customers on your behalf? Does it know any foreign languages or understand the impact of the target country’s culture on closing a deal – including marketing, advertising, agreements, purchasing procedures, manuals, consumer protection, etc.?

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Topics: Marketing, Language skills, Sales pitch, Presentation skills, Internationalization

Could I have some feedback, please!

Posted by Sirpa Jokirinne on 05/08/15 09:08

I bet every one of us has at some time asked for feedback as well as received a request to give feedback. And probably more than just once. There are several reasons for the current thirst for feedback.

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Topics: CEM, Feedback, Marketing, Working life

Getting your message through with webinars

Posted by Heikki Uurto on 20/05/15 13:23

Nowadays, everyone seems to be in a hurry – especially customers. It often feels that it is difficult to get even a minute of their time to tell them about new services or the ways you could help them in their business. Dozens of other salespeople and professional bookers who have been trained to arrange meetings are also competing for the customers' attention, which makes organizing meetings even more challenging. I bet this sounds familiar.

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Topics: Storytelling, Communication, Marketing, Working life, Webinar

How can you GYMT?

Posted by Mika Perttilä on 11/12/14 11:51

GYMT stands for “getting your message through.” Too often, the message of a company’s services or products is the best kept secret they have – internally and externally. Does this sound familiar? Our home market is full of great companies with amazing services and products. There’s a lot of creation going on. Why is it such a big challenge to ensure that potential customers as well as everyone inside the company know enough about their services and strengths? How can we tackle this issue?

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Topics: Storytelling, Communication, Marketing, Working life

Can a pencil surprise? A tale of customer expectations

Posted by Antti Seppänen on 19/09/14 11:02

I like pencils. You get a good sense of control in your writing when you can neatly rub your mistakes out with an eraser. The mechanical pencil is a great invention, especially the ones with an eraser at the other end. Everything literally gets done at the flick of a wrist.

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Topics: Communication, Content design, Marketing, Working life, Customer experience

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