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New email protection service for confidential translations

Posted by AAC Global news on 12/02/18 06:09

AAC Global now offers secure email communication for its translation clients through its partnership with the Finnish cybersecurity company, Deltagon.

Deltagon’s e-mail encryption solution lets you secure your e-mail messaging easily and reliably when sending confidential information for translation. Adding the e-mail encryption is straightforward, and sending a secure message can happen with as little as one extra click.

Petri Lehmus, Managing Partner at AAC Global, explains why AAC Global chooses to partner with Deltagon: “Compared with many other encryption solutions that involve accessing a portal where the emails are stored, Deltagon’s clear, simple, and effective solution means we don’t have to require our customers to keep extra login details, download or install an encryption program, take additional IT security training, or make any costly or disruptive changes to their security processes.”

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AAC Global announces changes in senior management – Petri Lehmus appointed Managing Partner

Posted by AAC Global news on 15/02/17 10:59

AAC Global has appointed a new Managing Partner, Petri Lehmus, who was previously in charge of customer operations and IT development at AAC Global. He has worked for the company since 2016.

The management team at AAC Global now consists of Sari Kanti-Paul, Leena Peltomaa, Stuart Reynish, Tommy Tengvall, Ville Ojala and Petri Lehmus. All the members of the management team are committed to the long-term development of the company as co-owners alongside Korona Invest’s Palvelurahasto (Service Fund).

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AAC Global and TekMiL join to form Finland’s strongest provider of language services

Posted by AAC Global news on 16/08/16 09:03

AAC Holding, which is owned by Korona Invest’s Palvelurahasto (Service Fund) and key personnel from AAC Global, has purchased the language, communication, and training service provider TekMiL. The AAC Holding group will now include AAC Global Oy, TekMiL Oy, and AAC Global AB in Sweden.

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AAC Global arranges a webinar series together with Finnish Chambers of Commerce

Posted by AAC Global news on 09/02/16 09:38

Finnish chambers of commerce and AAC Global together in cooperation provide language skills and tips for different communication situations with the help of English language webinars. Together in cooperation with AAC work the chambers of commerce of Rauma, Central Finland, South Ostrobothnia and Oulu.

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Korona Invest’s Palvelurahasto fund to boost AAC Global's growth

Posted by AAC Global news on 28/01/16 14:54

Korona Invest’s Palvelurahasto (Service Fund) has acquired the language, content and training service provider AAC Global Oy from Sanoma Oyj. The transaction also includes a considerable investment from AAC’s management team.

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Morning coffee in Jyväskylä: Master global communications - and boost your sales

Posted by AAC Global news on 13/01/16 08:35

Jykes is arranging a morning coffee session together with AAC Global on Tuesday, February 2, 2016. The event will feature AAC Global consultants talking about how the internationalization of an organization can be realized at as an early stage as possible.

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AAC Global Oy chooses XTRF as its project management system provider

Posted by AAC Global news on 24/11/15 14:42

AAC Global Oy has chosen XTRF Management Systems from Krakow, Poland as its new translation and localization management system provider. AAC will use the XTRF Language Business Platform to manage its translation, localization, interpretation and content operations.

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The winner of AAC's travel gift voucher is...

Posted by AAC Global news on 24/11/15 14:39

AAC opened a versatile and practical new customer portal this autumn. To celebrate this, everyone who registered with the portal this autumn was entered in to a prize draw for a travel gift voucher worth €500. The lucky winner is Anna Streng from SOK. Congratulations Anna, and bon voyage!

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SEMINAR: Insights in European markets - business opportunities for Finnish SMEs and startups!

Posted by AAC Global news on 26/08/15 13:53

This is a seminar on the latest business opportunities and possibilities to find business partners for SMEs and startups in Germany, the UK, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. AAC’s Stuart Reynish is there to help you with branding and localizing your message.

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Unprecedented language industry cooperation in Finland

Posted by AAC Global news on 19/01/15 08:32

There are exciting new things happening in our industry this spring. In a ground-breaking effort, a group of seven translation companies and four developers of language technology software have come together in Finland to offer a brand new course to the translation students at the University of Helsinki. With the support of organisations like the European Language Industry Association (ELIA) and the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), both of which encourage their members to work with academia to improve the skills and employability of new graduates, the course will run as an independent regional project with affiliations to both GALA’s Global Talent programme and ELIA’s Exchange initiative.

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