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PDF localization - what does it take?

Posted by Jani Heikkonen on 09/04/15 15:04

Clients often ask if we can translate from PDF files. Of course, the answer is always “yes.” As with any other project, first we must gauge what the client actually needs back from us. Clients’ requirements for deliverables vary from the very basic to complex. Basic PDF localization could be just a simple text file without any of the graphics that the PDF might contain. At the other end of the spectrum, a complex PDF localization might include reproducing the PDF as an Adobe InDesign file with all the graphics, table of contents, etc. Or it could be anywhere in between. Managing expectations is far more important for PDF localization than it is for any other file type.

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Video: PDFs. You will never look at the files the same way

Posted by AAC Global news on 11/12/14 15:45

This video discusses everything you need to know about PDF files.

Why is the PDF format so popular? We will compare the differences between scanned and saved PDF files.

What are the steps and tools we use in the localization process? You will never look at a PDF file the same way after this webinar.

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