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At the highest level of politics, communication matters, especially if you want to get your message through and win the presidency. This year, we have been observing the US presidential debates, and they have inspired us to host a webinar analyzing the communications styles of the candidates. So what do these styles reveal about the candidates?
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The heat is rising in the US presidential debates! If you have been following the debates, you cannot have missed how communication plays a crucial role for both the candidates. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have very different communication styles, but what is clear is that they both play their role well – and follow their communication ...
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In the United States race for the office of president, the current candidates have two very distinctly different styles for getting their message through to American voters. How would you describe their delivery style, body language, choice of words and tone of voice, along with their general style of communicating? Would you consider using their methods of communication for ...
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