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What is the role of translations in international marketing?

Posted by Antti Voutilainen on 10/12/19 08:18

As a company becomes more international and looks for new target groups, translations become very important for its business. Translations are needed for web pages, product packaging and numerous other purposes. In marketing materials, word-for-word translations do not work because making an impact on a new target group requires the refining of the text.

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Topics: SEO, multilingual marketing, tone-of-voice

Website Renewal: what to consider

Posted by Annaelisa Huhtala on 02/03/17 08:58

When you want to find out something, what’s usually the first place you go to look for it?

Nine times out of ten, the answer is search engines – and through them, we can access the relevant websites that produce services, products or relevant information. On the go with a mobile device, when traveling or during a coffee break with a tablet device, or at work or at home on a PC, most people visit several different websites on a daily basis.

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Topics: Website renewal, Visual design, SEO, Content marketing

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