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Sep 28

Language Used to Engage

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Storytelling, Language skills, Language training, Working life

by Blake Schumacher September 28, 2016 at 10:43 AM
When I was young, my mother took me to libraries and museums to listen to stories. The biggest thrill I had wasn’t at the end of the stories; it was the journey, the optimism, the promise that by committing to this voyage, you may receive big payoff at the end. I loved the tension created by the trek. Would the hero slay the villain? How will the hero go from rags to riches? How will a certain ...
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Nowadays, everyone seems to be in a hurry – especially customers. It often feels that it is difficult to get even a minute of their time to tell them about new services or the ways you could help them in their business. Dozens of other salespeople and professional bookers who have been trained to arrange meetings are also competing for the customers' attention, which makes organizing ...
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Dec 11

How can you GYMT?

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Storytelling, Communication, Marketing, Working life

by Mika Perttilä December 11, 2014 at 11:51 AM
GYMT stands for “getting your message through.” Too often, the message of a company’s services or products is the best kept secret they have – internally and externally. Does this sound familiar? Our home market is full of great companies with amazing services and products. There’s a lot of creation going on. Why is it such a big challenge to ensure that potential ...
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Digital storytelling brings stories to this moment. It combines traditional narratives with new technology. The story is told through text, pictures, voice, music and different kinds of transitions. Interactive elements may also be included.
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