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How to choose a language service provider?

Posted by Antti Voutilainen on 09/09/19 08:25

The translation needs of companies vary between industries and individual companies. However, in all cases there is the need to keep both cost-effectiveness and quality as high as possible. Because of this, choosing a language service provider through competitive tendering is very smart.

By comparing proposals from different suppliers and centralizing orders, a company can ideally save 30–50% in the overall cost of translations. Centralizing also makes it easier to track the overall cost. Centralizing makes ordering translations easier, for instance, with the help of a customer portal or system integration. Ordering becomes not only easier but also faster. The company’s internal process also becomes smoother when translation orders no longer need to be circulated through different parties within the organization.

This way, organizing a tendering process and centralizing orders not only bring cost savings in the translations themselves, but also save time.

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Topics: Translation services, centralization, translation RFP

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