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The translator: the man behind the mask

Posted by Annamari Korhonen on 20/09/16 09:22

Or the woman, of course. But the mask is real, and it’s called the “project manager” – a useful kind of mask for many purposes. Still, you may have wondered where your translations actually come from. Who are these people behind their masks?

They may have started out as wannabes, students, and trainees. Years of being bombarded with different types of text – press releases, user guides, license applications, blog texts, marketing materials, website material – has turned them into hardened professionals, the Charles Bronsons in dusty train stations who blow a slow tune on their harmonica while sending out a translation from their back pocket. Preferably without the shootout that will leave all those present lying on the ground.

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Can machine translation replace a professional translation agency?

Posted by Kieron Norris on 07/09/16 11:40

Computers are everywhere. We live in an age of cloud computing, smartphones, big data and self-driving cars. Surely we can take advantage of all this smart technology to automate the translation process? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Machine translation (MT) has made great leaps forward in recent years, but it still can’t replace human translators.

Human translators work by “decoding” the meaning of the source text, then “re-encoding” it in the target language. This requires a profound understanding of the grammar, syntax and especially the culture of the source language – and a similar grasp of the target language. This is something that computerized systems just do not – and arguably cannot – have.

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Invest in languages

Posted by Annamari Korhonen on 24/08/16 09:56

According to the 2013 Languages for the Future report commissioned by the British Council, approximately 75% of British people are not able to carry on a simple conversation in a foreign language, let alone sell their products using anything other than English. The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has calculated that this costs the British economy £48 billion every year. All this despite the fact that in many countries, people understand English very well. We can only wonder how huge the corresponding losses are for Finnish businesses whose employees don’t have the same advantage of speaking the global lingua franca as their native language.

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The calendar of a translation agency

Posted by AAC Global news on 06/07/16 10:00

The marketing calendar, or marketing plan, is well-known in many companies. Certain marketing activities are scheduled for certain times of the year. Companies prepare materials for annual spring fairs or design Christmas greetings for their customers. A translation agency often follows the same rhythm, as materials tend to be translated right after they have been completed. Annual report season is also a busy time for a translation agency, as usually all language versions are published at the same time.

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A day in the life of a translator

Posted by Sami Hurmerinta on 11/02/16 09:35

9:00 am

I arrive at the office, sign in to the system and open my e-mail. Today shouldn’t be too busy, but I have to finish a short text that I started the day before and deliver it to the customer by the end of the day. When I open my e-mail, I see that there are a few other jobs waiting, some of which have to be delivered today. I accept the jobs and ask the relevant project managers for more information, and I download the translatable files to my computer from the Vendor Portal of AAC’s translation management system.

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Translation and localization – how to save 10 million dollars

Posted by Tommy Tengvall on 16/12/15 09:00

We are frequently asked what the difference is between translation and localization. The word translation is familiar to most people and generally does not cause any difficulties, but the meaning of localization is not as clear. In Swedish, the word localization ('lokalisering") brings to mind the idea of "locality" or a similar concept. The word has a different meaning in the language industry and in international trade. Here it means adapting a product or content to the conventions of a specific language and culture.

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Keep calm and carry on

Posted by Leena Peltomaa on 07/05/15 13:12

Keep calm and carry on.” “Keep calm and eat more chocolate.” And, of course: “Don’t Panic and Fake a British Accent.

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Between client and translator - the power of working together

Posted by Kaisa Hirvonen on 19/03/15 10:07

Sometimes at work I feel like I’m just a relay: an automaton that nobody pays attention to. Those are the times when questions, assignments and arrangements are flying back and forth. That’s when the translation agency’s relay unit knuckles down and gets working.

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Unprecedented language industry cooperation in Finland

Posted by AAC Global news on 19/01/15 08:32

There are exciting new things happening in our industry this spring. In a ground-breaking effort, a group of seven translation companies and four developers of language technology software have come together in Finland to offer a brand new course to the translation students at the University of Helsinki. With the support of organisations like the European Language Industry Association (ELIA) and the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), both of which encourage their members to work with academia to improve the skills and employability of new graduates, the course will run as an independent regional project with affiliations to both GALA’s Global Talent programme and ELIA’s Exchange initiative.

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Why are translation agencies needed?

Posted by Leena Peltomaa on 29/12/14 09:28

In recent years, there has been a great deal of debate in the translation industry about the roles and duties of providers in the sector. Some have even expressed views that translation agencies are a completely unnecessary intermediate stage in the industry and will eventually disappear altogether.

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