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Website Renewal: what to consider

Posted by Annaelisa Huhtala on 02/03/17 08:58

When you want to find out something, what’s usually the first place you go to look for it?

Nine times out of ten, the answer is search engines – and through them, we can access the relevant websites that produce services, products or relevant information. On the go with a mobile device, when traveling or during a coffee break with a tablet device, or at work or at home on a PC, most people visit several different websites on a daily basis.

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Topics: Website renewal, Visual design, SEO, Content marketing

Why choosing the right photos for your website really is important

Posted by Glennon Kiernan-Lahti on 15/11/16 09:14

Your company’s website is your digital calling card: A customer, partner or anyone interested in your company and looking for information online will sooner or later visit your website. (If you find your company in the internet graveyard – i.e. on page 2 of search engine results – you should really consider learning basic search engine optimization.)

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Topics: Website renewal, Website, Graphic design, Stock photo bank, Visual design

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