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5 ways to optimize your webinar recording before you publish online

Posted by Glennon Kiernan-Lahti on 05/04/18 06:06

Webinars are a popular and easy tool for sharing your knowledge or passion. All you need is an audience, solid promotion, engaging content, and a camera – then you’re ready to broadcast your message live to viewers around the globe.

At a time when video content marketing is all the rage, you will also probably decide to publish a recording of your webinar online. Why? Because publishing a recording is a great way to extend the lifespan of your content, both gated and non-gated. And you can now offer your audience a chance to watch when and how it suits them.

However, just as you wouldn’t publish a blogpost without optimizing around keywords, it’s essential to optimize your recorded webinars. Here are five essential actions to take before uploading your webinar recording. 

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Webinar recording: US Presidential election – communication styles & techniques

Posted by Brian McMillan on 24/10/16 13:11

At the highest level of politics, communication matters, especially if you want to get your message through and win the presidency.

This year, we have been observing the US presidential debates, and they have inspired us to host a webinar analyzing the communications styles of the candidates.

So what do these styles reveal about the candidates?

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Webinar: The different communication styles of the two US presidential candidates

Posted by AAC Global news on 17/10/16 09:13

The heat is rising in the US presidential debates!

If you have been following the debates, you cannot have missed how communication plays a crucial role for both the candidates. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have very different communication styles, but what is clear is that they both play their role well – and follow their communication strategy.

We have been observing the debates with fascination and wonder, and we have decided to host a joint AAC Global and TekMiL webinar to examine the different communication styles and techniques the two US presidential candidates employ.

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Topics: Communication, Webinar, Hillary Clinton, Presidential debate, Donald Trump

US presidential debate and communication styles

Posted by Brian McMillan on 07/10/16 09:13

In the United States race for the office of president, the current candidates have two very distinctly different styles for getting their message through to American voters.

How would you describe their delivery style, body language, choice of words and tone of voice, along with their general style of communicating? Would you consider using their methods of communication for getting your message through?

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Topics: Communication, Language skills, Webinar, Hillary Clinton, Presidential debate, Body language, Donald Trump

AAC Global arranges a webinar series together with Finnish Chambers of Commerce

Posted by AAC Global news on 09/02/16 09:38

Finnish chambers of commerce and AAC Global together in cooperation provide language skills and tips for different communication situations with the help of English language webinars. Together in cooperation with AAC work the chambers of commerce of Rauma, Central Finland, South Ostrobothnia and Oulu.

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Video: Better CEM through innovative online service channels

Posted by AAC Global news on 26/11/15 14:09

How to accelerate your time-to-market and improve your customer experience through innovative online service channels.

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Topics: CEM, Video, Portals, Webinar

Video: Interpreters - when do you need them?

Posted by AAC Global news on 23/10/15 13:57

The world is getting smaller and smaller, and sometimes just translating your marketing materials and website is not enough.

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Video: Please and thank you - dealing with customers and contacts in English

Posted by AAC Global news on 28/09/15 13:48

Dealing with customers and contacts in English is all about Please and Thank You.

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Video: Taming the L10N: Why Localization Matters

Posted by AAC Global news on 29/05/15 13:39

It’s a global market. But you need a local product. Are you taking all the benefits of localization into the global market jungle?

Presented here are five good reasons why you should take advantage of L10N to reach a wider audience and make the most of your own products.

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Topics: Localization, Video, Webinar, L10N

Getting your message through with webinars

Posted by Heikki Uurto on 20/05/15 13:23

Nowadays, everyone seems to be in a hurry – especially customers. It often feels that it is difficult to get even a minute of their time to tell them about new services or the ways you could help them in their business. Dozens of other salespeople and professional bookers who have been trained to arrange meetings are also competing for the customers' attention, which makes organizing meetings even more challenging. I bet this sounds familiar.

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Topics: Storytelling, Communication, Marketing, Working life, Webinar

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