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Mentoring for international experts

Posted by Päivi Malkamäki on 20/08/15 11:45

Sometimes you wonder what you can do and what more you should learn. A good way to assess the level of your own competence is to teach others – or at the very least tell them about things. You will find out that you do know all sorts of things. There are things you know and think everyone knows, but this is not the case; they are, in fact, part of your own special competence.

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Topics: Language skills, Language training, Working life

Could I have some feedback, please!

Posted by Sirpa Jokirinne on 05/08/15 09:08

I bet every one of us has at some time asked for feedback as well as received a request to give feedback. And probably more than just once. There are several reasons for the current thirst for feedback.

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Topics: CEM, Feedback, Marketing, Working life

Getting your message through with webinars

Posted by Heikki Uurto on 20/05/15 13:23

Nowadays, everyone seems to be in a hurry – especially customers. It often feels that it is difficult to get even a minute of their time to tell them about new services or the ways you could help them in their business. Dozens of other salespeople and professional bookers who have been trained to arrange meetings are also competing for the customers' attention, which makes organizing meetings even more challenging. I bet this sounds familiar.

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Topics: Storytelling, Communication, Marketing, Working life, Webinar

Between client and translator - the power of working together

Posted by Kaisa Hirvonen on 19/03/15 10:07

Sometimes at work I feel like I’m just a relay: an automaton that nobody pays attention to. Those are the times when questions, assignments and arrangements are flying back and forth. That’s when the translation agency’s relay unit knuckles down and gets working.

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Topics: Translation, Communication, Working life

Language training is not what is used to be

Posted by David Brown on 08/01/15 12:02

One of the things I love about language training is the variety: No two clients are ever the same; no two lessons are ever the same.

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Topics: Cultural differences, Communication, Language skills, Language training, Working life

How can you GYMT?

Posted by Mika Perttilä on 11/12/14 11:51

GYMT stands for “getting your message through.” Too often, the message of a company’s services or products is the best kept secret they have – internally and externally. Does this sound familiar? Our home market is full of great companies with amazing services and products. There’s a lot of creation going on. Why is it such a big challenge to ensure that potential customers as well as everyone inside the company know enough about their services and strengths? How can we tackle this issue?

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Topics: Storytelling, Communication, Marketing, Working life

"Paradigm" is a beautiful swearword

Posted by Heikki Siltala on 04/12/14 09:33

Paradigms are paradoxical. If a paradigm is a commonly accepted trend, line of thought, principle or, even more extensively, a prevailing theory or framework which is considered as correct, then show me an established principle. Cast the first stone! An established paradigm is only declared as incorrect when there is a new candidate to replace it. Our culture of “give me everything right now” is a generally approved (some might think it’s generally disapproved) trend and principle which instantly consumes all noble principles. New candidates are available in the shopping mall of our life at a continuous discount price, and it is obvious that our reality is shattered.

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Topics: Communication, Working life

Can a pencil surprise? A tale of customer expectations

Posted by Antti Seppänen on 19/09/14 11:02

I like pencils. You get a good sense of control in your writing when you can neatly rub your mistakes out with an eraser. The mechanical pencil is a great invention, especially the ones with an eraser at the other end. Everything literally gets done at the flick of a wrist.

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Topics: Communication, Content design, Marketing, Working life, Customer experience

Reading e-mail - creatively

Posted by Karoliina Rinne on 25/08/14 09:30

The job of a project manager working at a translation agency is one of those modern-day professions that can be described as creative brain work. It’s the work of an expert who sits at a computer and spends the day using different programs and keeping an eye on the e-mail inbox. The work can easily be carried out remotely and working hours are flexible. But one might wonder: what’s so creative about reading e-mail?!

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Topics: Translation, Communication, Translation agency, Working life

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