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TekMiL is integrating into AAC Global. What does this mean for customers?

A few months ago, AAC Global acquired the language service provider TekMIL, and on January 1, 2017, we will begin providing the widest range of multilingual communication services in Finland, including language and cultural training, translation and interpreting, and digital content marketing solutions for any language.

But what will this mean for our customers? What changes will this bring for the coming year?

Wider range of services, more trainers

In AAC Global, just as in TekMiL, the language and communication training services have always sought to provide practical and goal-oriented learning solutions.

The lessons don’t just fulfill the learning parameters that were set for them, they also inspire the students to advance their language and communication skills outside the classroom. Our trainers’ first-class methods and inspiring attitudes have been producing excellent results year after year.

And no – none of this will change with the TekMiL integration. In fact, the primary goal of the integration is to provide an even wider range of language, communication and cultural training services.

TekMiL’s trainers will transfer to AAC Global and because of this, we can proudly provide you with the services of over 200 top-class language and communication trainers.

Our trainers are comprised of over 20 different nationalities, and they bring with them expertise from over 100 business sectors.

Language training is, of course, more than just skill, knowhow and charisma. Personal chemistry is also involved; most of us get along a little bit easier with certain kinds of personalities. If you have a favorite teacher from your earlier TekMiL or AAC training courses, remember to mention that to your language and communication contact person! You’ll be able to get lessons from your preferred teacher just as easily as before!

Or would you prefer to meet new trainers and try out new training solutions?

Whichever option you choose, one thing is for certain – the integration will bring you even more options for our hands-on and inspiring language and communication training! 

Even better customer care

Just like the trainers, all TekMiL customer service representatives and salespeople will become AAC Global employees at the start of 2017, and they’ll continue their valuable work of finding the best solutions for our customers’ needs.

And whenever our customers’ needs change, such as the need to reschedule training sessions, to work around a tighter deadline for a translation, or to come up with a wider-ranging channel strategy for multilingual content marketing, our customer service team will quickly and flexibly find a new solution.

One partner for all your multilingual communication needs

At the start of 2017, we’ll be offering the widest and most comprehensive range of multilingual communication services – all from one partner. This makes for easier buying and also brings significant savings for our customers, as they will no longer need to tender every language version and project element separately.  

So, what does this wider range of services really mean?

Here’s a practical example from real life:

One of our customers wanted to develop their employee’s communication skills.

Naturally, we arranged a training course for them. On top of that, we also recommended that the training be filmed and shared as a webinar for the employees in the company’s other offices.

This solution received excellent feedback from our customer’s employees − so good actually, that our customer became interested in the e-learning services we offer and ordered a series of e-learning language courses.

Our service offering includes these and many other multilingual communication services:

Inspiration and innovation

A wider range of services, more trainers and more flexible customer service – together we can serve you even better.

But what else have we planned for the coming year?

One of our new developments will be to arrange specialized training courses, such as the Pilgrims day communication training that TekMiL first brought over to Finland.

A Pilgrims day is a communication training day that’s arranged entirely in English. However, unlike traditional language training courses, the emphasis is not on grammar or language skills per se, but on developing the presentation and communications skills that are needed in business situations in a fun and inspiring way.

As our goal for the coming years is to develop the language, communication and cultural training offered to businesses by creating new, innovative and more effective methods, we want to focus even more on listening to our customers’ needs. Measuring the customer experience and seeking ways to improve it play a key role in our strategy.

One example of this is our new customer panel, to which the first customers have already signed up. 

In this forum, we will be discussing and creating innovative solutions for the variety of communication challenges our customers face. Now, the customer panel just needs a good name. Could it be simply AAC Global’s Customer Panel? Or should we perhaps arrange a naming contest?

We will be informing our customers about these and other new developments soon.

One thing is for certain, though: as TekMiL integrates into AAC Global, our language and communication service, AAC TEKMIL Training, will serve you even better!



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Taria Kossila

Taria Kossila

Taria is a dynamic and customer-focused team player who also willingly motivates others to achieve strategic targets. She has strong experience in sales and marketing communication, and customer experience programs. She is excited about people, cultures and languages; and she has experienced life abroad in Los Angeles Los Angeles, Paris and Nice. Outside of work, Taria is a wife and a hockey mom for three kids.

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